Inspiration from Art

I was reading Scott Bourne‘s fantastic blog at Photofocus and he was talking recently about inspiration and creativity coming from studying great photographers and art. His post on the topic is worth reading. Idea Connection – A Most Under-rated Way To Improve Photographic Creativity.

I came across this image of the Lairg Ghru & the River Dee  by George Melvin Rennie whilst visiting the McEwan Gallery near Ballater. This is the type of classical image of Scotland that I love to take. Somewhere I long to be. This image use the river Dee as a lead into the dominating Devil’s Point mountain and disappears into the mysterious Lairg Ghru.

Image of painting Lairg Ghru and Linn

Lairg Ghru and Linn of Dee by Gearge Melvin Rennie

Scott talks about studying Ansel Adams, the great American photographer, and wild landscape visionary. Taking that understanding he noticed how what made his images great were also reflected in paintings. Ansel Adams paid attention to every part of his photograph ensuring that there was interest in the fore, middle and background.

We plan to visit this spot soon so watch this space. I’ll let you know how close you can get to this kind of image as a photographer.  And from there what further value can you bring. Are there new ways to capture the beauty and drama of this place.

About photographicviewscotland

Photographers of Scotland's landscape and remote places and arts and craft makers. Mhairi is also making needle felted animals under the name of the Woof in the Wool. We live in Abernethy in Perthshire, Scotland.
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