One of the World’s leading Landscape Photographers | Colin Prior

I wanted to take some time before including Colin Prior in our series on Scottish Photographers. Mainly because it would be like starting a music magazine and thinking another feature on the Beatles or Pink Floyd will inspire a new audience. However, Colin is someone who you can’t avoid talking about when thinking about the Scottish Landscape. He also gets to put on his website ‘ One of the World’s leading landscape photographers’.

From high up on Torridon mountains looking across the other mountains in the range at sunrise

Colin Prior gets high up on mountains at dawn and dusk to make stunning images. © Colin Prior

One of the World’s leading Landscape Photographers | Colin Prior.

He works hard for his art and I have read about him lugging his field camera and sturdy tripod up to Scotland’s highest peaks in the worst of weather to be there for a snow-capped mountain sunset. He favours the 3:1 format and 120mm roll film so no light DSLRs involved. This panorama approach suits his passion for the landscape.

If you are stuck in doors and want to be out on the top of the Scottish Hills you can spend a fabulous half hour viewing his High Light and Wild Land portfolios on his website. There is a particular pink glow as the sun rises on a winter chill in Scotland and Colin captures it wonderfully.

His website also contains a fantastic way of ordering prints and choosing a frame. A prize for innovation is due for that.

Here is one of mine from up high.

The Buachaille or Stob Dearg from high up and looking north

High up on the Buachaille (Stob Dearg) Glencoe on a blue sky day. ©Paul Carroll2009

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3 Responses to One of the World’s leading Landscape Photographers | Colin Prior

  1. LensScaper says:

    I heard Colin speak at the Kendal Mountain Festival two or three years ago. A total inspiration.

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  3. rohan says:

    Thanks for sharing this post with us,nice work.

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