Louise Bellin | Photography: The Scottish Dream

We started a series a while back on Scottish photographers. If you click on the category ‘photographers’ in the drop down box on our photographic view blog you can see who we have covered to date. They include professional and high quality enthusiastic amateurs (semi pro – selling images on their website). The main reason for doing this is to show off the great landscape photography of Scotland and learn from the different approach and location choice.

I came across a great website by Dunblane based photographer Louise Bellin, who invites you to come and live the Scottish dream with her. You won’t be disappointed.

Looking onto water at Plocktom where a white boat and small island are

©Louise Bellin

Louise makes clear her passion for the wild and remote Scottish landscape. Her home page starts with her telling us that she has travelled extensively but, as she is as she says  “still obsessed with remote parts of Scotland. I love solitude – places where the only sound you hear is the beat of a bird’s wings, and you don’t see another soul all day. ”

Her website makes a great read for anyone thinking about photography as a way of life. She clearly has a great wedding and portrait business and at the same time pursues her passion for Scottish landscape photography.

Her clear strength is an artistic eye for composition. As she says

“All my photos are hand-held – I have a tripod – but I have no patience………I’m always on the move…….too fast for my own shadow! Where I do take my time is on the shot – nearly all my photos are framed as shot – I rarely crop my images. I don’t go mad snapping all over the place – just one or two considered shots, then I move on.”

This is a sentiment that Mhairi would share.  Often I am just getting my tripod and camera out of the bag only to find Mhairi has gone ahead found the best spot and taken the shot and ready to move on. We can follow rules in landscape photography that suggest you must use a tripod to achieve a small aperture (probably resulting in a slow shutter speed) and high depth of field. This is still a good rule but should not get in the way and when you look at Louise’s work who would even think to ask what aperture did she use. They are beautiful compositions. We each have to have an approach that suits us and the image. Our approach must also mean we enjoy ourselves as well.

I first came across Louise’s work through her flikr photostream and can also recommend you follow her Scotland Explored wordpress blog. She is as attracted as we are to abandoned buildings (castles) and lone trees in Scotland’s wildernesses.

Redcastle in the black isle photograph by Louise Bellin

©Lousie Bellin

Louise Bellin | Photography: The Scottish Dream.

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Photographers of Scotland's landscape and remote places and arts and craft makers. Mhairi is also making needle felted animals under the name of the Woof in the Wool. We live in Abernethy in Perthshire, Scotland.
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  1. Thank you both so much. You can keep up with my latest news here:


    Thanks again. Louise

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