David Mould is another winning Scottish photographer

Time for another in our series on outstanding Scottish landscape photographers. To see the others select the photographers category on the topic drop down box.

David Mould’s photography came to my attention when I saw his successful picture in this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year volume 6 book. See below.

Two rainbows arc towards a mountain in the distance , the buachaille etive mor in Glencoe

Rainbow, Rannoch Moor, Argyll, with kind permission by David Mould © David Mould. (Click image to see it on 500px)

He describes what its like to be commended in this prestigious annual competition and in the book of the best entries in his own blog article entitled a pot of gold. In it he says “I am absolutely delighted to be featured in this years Take a View, Landscape photographer of the year, Collection 6…”

It is a fabulous image that captures the colours of the grasses on the moor and the blackness of the mountain – add a rainbow and you have all the best ingredients. We have been to this spot many times as I am sure many Scottish photographers and visitors to the Highlands will have been. I can imagine attempting the exact same as David when I read his description of abandoning his car on seeing the rainbow and rushing to capture this fabulous scene. Emotion and adrenalin would be running high at the chance to get this image at that time. It shows some skill by David to get it right in such a moment.

He says himself  “Some people say photography is luck, well, i believe that you make your own luck……knowing where the sun rises and sets, knowing when the leaves change colour; luck is all the elements coming together at once…..but knowledge puts you in the right place to capture the shot!” You can add to that the knowledge of your camera to put it all in to practice when you only have seconds before a rainbow disappears.

What is great about David’s website is he is out there most weekends capturing great images of Scotland and he is a sharer as you will find great tips on post processing effects he uses and where the best spots on Loch Ard are for photographers.

David Mould Photography.

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Photographers of Scotland's landscape and remote places and arts and craft makers. Mhairi is also making needle felted animals under the name of the Woof in the Wool. We live in Abernethy in Perthshire, Scotland.
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3 Responses to David Mould is another winning Scottish photographer

  1. LensScaper says:

    I recall seeing this at the exhibition on the South Bank in London. An Astonishing image

  2. Andy says:

    His image broke the rules. It was taken in 2006 which was outside the LPOTY 5 year window. See the exif on his Flickr page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mouldy/8135899614/in/photostream

  3. David Mould says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for pointing this out… yes, there seems to be an error with the exif data on flickr and having checked the image once again, as I did before the competition I can categorically state that this image was taken, as per my catalogue system on 24/10/2008.
    It would seem that the exif data may have defaulted to the manufacture date of the camera, or may be down to a problem in aperture when uploading.
    Although, there is another clue in the image… the grass on Rannoch Moor would not, in my experience, be this colour in july… also, if you examine the exif data for this image, and all the other images around this period in my workflow, the timing on them would suggest that this image was taken at midnight… which is also obviously wrong.
    I do apologise for my tardiness in maintaining my data, but I am happy to show you the data, and an image of my workflow to satisfy you if you feel the need.
    Indeed, I do not think I even had a Dslr until 2007 as the earliest entry on flickr was at the end of 2007, and I was a much less proficient photographer then.
    Whereas I can understand why you thought that this was a break in rules, it would have been nice if you had asked me first before replying to the post with such a bold first statement.

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